To use correctly and fully MelShake, you must have a navigator that authorizes the execution of Java and JavaScript (almost all of them meet this requirement).
Beware, the use of Java and JavaScript can be deactivated via the options of your navigator or when you are behind a proxy which blocks the use of these two languages (in the source of the page, "SCRIPT BLOCKED" appears if applicable).
In the second case (generally when used in a corporate environment) you can always try to contact your proxy administrator (if he is not too narrow-minded, he will be able to do something, if not, change company...).
MANAGEMENT OF WEB-BASED AND POP3 ACCOUNTS allows you to use your mail accounts and automatically count your unread mail every fifteen minutes. For that, it is necessary to define the connection profiles of your accounts.

The button "Add web-based" allows you to add a check profile for web-based accounts (exclusively accessible through a navigator). You will need to define :

- The account user name (example: John Doe)
- The account provider (, …)
The password required to connect
Optionally a comment (example: personal mails, professional mails)
sTick the option box if you want your account to be checked periodically for new mail.

The button named "Add pop3" allows you to add a check profile for any account on pop3 servers. You will need to define :

- The account to check (name @ domain)
- The pop3 server used to collect the messages
- The smtp server used to send the messages
- If you want to leave the messages on the pop3 server after MelShake recovered them (not advisable for it is then impossible to detect if a message was already read or not)
- If you want to check this mail account

The button named "Remove" allows you to remove the profiles selected by through the option box at the beginning of the line.

The button named "Save" allows saving the modifications of the column "Shake", the latter indicates if it is necessary or not to periodically check the account.

The button named "MelShake!" opens the window of MelShake that indicates for each account to explore the number of unread messages. Leave this window open, thus, every 15 minutes, your accounts will be checked in order to warn you of incoming messages. When you close this window, the mechanism is stopped and your accounts are no longer checked.

The button "Sign Out" allows you to disconnect from MelShake, the initial identification screen then appears, showing that you are disconnected.

You can connect directly to an account by clicking on the corresponding link in the principal screen. Similarly to edit an account profile, just click on the "@" of the account.


MelShake allows you to organize your favorites or bookmarks in a strictly confidential manner.

Click on "Favorite MelShake", to launch the applet allowing you to manage your favorites. For this purpose, you need a navigator that authorizes Java and JavaScript.

Your favorites are presented in the form of a tree in which you will be able to create links (the favorites), folders and sub-folders to organize your favorites. In a file named "travel", you organize the addresses of various online travel agencies that you visited.

To add a bookmark, enter :

- The full address of the link ( for example), by copying and pasting (CTRL + C then CTRL + V or again CTRL + Insert then SHIFT + Insert), from the address indicated by your navigator showing the page that you want to bookmark.
- Indicate a title and optionally a remark

Click on "Add" to insert it after the last selected bookmark or folder. If a folder is already selected and open, the bookmark will be inserted inside.

To add a folder (in which you will manage your bookmarks) :

- Do NOT INDICATE any address (Link)
- Enter the title and a commentary if necessary

As for the bookmarks, click on "Add".

The last selected bookmark or folder can be updated by clicking on "Modify".

The button "Erase" acts upon the selected elements (bookmarks and/or folders)

The button named "Click here to search for the title of the page corresponding to the URL” uses the server to search for the title of the page for which you indicated the link. Beware, when the site does not exist, belongs to the Intranet or is not anymore existing, the operation can take a long time.

You also can update your tree by using more classical buttons such as "Cut", “ Copy" and "Paste", after having selected the items with the mouse. You can use the SHIFT and CTRL keys for multi-selection.

Finally, the top buttons will allow you :

- To import bookmarks from a HTML file with the button "Import" : this command adds bookmarks imported from Internet explorer, Mozilla or Netscape, to those already existing
- To export your bookmarks in a HTML file use the button "Export". You will then be able to re-import them in your navigator
- To save the bookmark through the "Save bookmarks" buttons.

It is very important to note that you must save the bookmarks before leaving the window or you will loose all your modifications. You can also update your bookmarks off-line and connect to the Internet only when you want to save your changes (the title research will not work off-line).